Etherion attacks the latest tower, entirely destroying the newest external design, however, making folks with it unharmed

15 septembre 2023

Etherion attacks the latest tower, entirely destroying the newest external design, however, making folks with it unharmed

On tower, shortly after Natsu defeats Wally and you may Millianna, Jellal goes toward his chessboard (adorned that have bits that depict every members of their “game”) and knocks both underlings’ pieces more, representing its defeat. He or she is aware Simon and Sho enjoys betrayed him, not, Jellal are untroubled, and alternatively orders the latest anticipating Vidaldus additionally the remainder of Trinity Raven making its relocate their “game”.

Jellal after that uses Secret to speak that have everybody in the tower, advising her or him it is time to begin the brand new “Heaven’s Online game”, stating that the purpose of told you “game” would be to end your from using Erza since the a compromise to possess Zeref’s renewal by the beating the Trinity Raven. Then he tells group that Etherion will soon strike, and you will damage, the brand new tower, giving them a keen unspecified time frame to reach the top off the newest tower.

Pursuing the a couple of mix back with her, Jellal’s Wonders Electricity was completely recovered

Right back at Council’s meeting, as the a final force to get the history vote he demands, Siegrain informs the latest Council one to Jellal is attempting to utilize new tower to replace the fresh Ebony Mage Zeref, magnificent new Council, and you may leading to Siegrain’s proposal so you’re able to victory, which have Yajima left the only one facing shooting Etherion. Whenever requested in the event that he is available to all effects which go with the firing off Etherion, Siegrain answers having Yajima so you can “hold off to check out”.

Jellal will continue to knock down bits towards their chess panel due to the fact new matches in the tower come to an end, until Erza beats Ikaruga and you can has reached him. Due to the fact Erza prepares to fight your, Jellal states one to, no matter what his own losings otherwise victory, she will be a sacrifice for Zeref. Jellal following declares that there surely is seven moments left until Etherion hits, and invites Erza for taking full advantage of said minutes, assaulting their own with his Darkness Magic on completing his envision. Erza seems to overpower each of Jellal’s episodes and you can cut your along with her blade, providing your towards the floor; Erza after that becomes at the top of Jellal and products their blade at his lips. She informs their own previous pal he possess were unsuccessful within completing new R-Program, since tower doesn’t have this new Secret Strength required to perform some resurrection: at the least Mil Edeas.

Jellal’s Join Snake Enchantment advances on the Erza’s human anatomy, restraining their unique and you will blocking their out of swinging

Due to the fact Erza states she will simply push Jellal to wait getting Etherion’s slip to wreck her or him each other, Jellal claims you to this is not particularly an awful idea, colombialady e-posta iletiЕџim while the his body is owned of the Zeref, in which he is nothing more Zeref’s equipment, struggling to feel protected from the some body. Erza refuses his invite so you can kill him, while the a few kiss one another, looking forward to the latest satellite beam to help them atone for of their “sins”. Surprised are alive following great time, Erza looks up to and you will notices that correct interior design out of the new tower is actually, in reality, a massive consumption Lacrima. Jellal laughs maniacally, saying to have been successful in the objective, and demonstrates to you one Etherion provided the newest tower into expected dos.eight Billion Edeas wanted to promote Zeref back again to life.

During the Era, folks are stunned observe the fresh tower nevertheless standing, and you will a crazy Yajima issues Siegrain, which, as opposed to responding, quickly disappears. He in the future reappears on the Tower From Heaven, where Erza and you will Jellal are. The latest both then move on to claim that Siegrain and you may Jellal was you to definitely additionally the exact same.

Jellal and you will Erza initiate fighting once more, now having Erza getting reigned over because of the Jellal’s recovered fuel. Erza will be pressed to your R-System amazingly getting forfeited, not, Natsu instantly looks and you can brings her aside. Erza alerts Natsu to go out of their, just like the Jellal is simply too solid, but he declines and you may hits their out. He then makes to fight Jellal, who cheerfully welcomes the problem.